Raygun Progressive Tournament

Winning one of the weekly tourneys moves you onto the Finals on August 12 with a chance to win part of the cash prize. More info: Here

Crossword: I was going for a Monday/Tuesday but I think I ended up with a Wednesday

Play the crossword online or print it out. You can reveal answers individually in the online version!

Pre-order a Skill Shot Hoodie!

Featuring an original design on a black hoodie with three different print colors to choose from: red, green or blue. Pre-orders only (until June 30th); more info Here.

10 questions with Avout Vander Werf

Sometime this summer, Shorty’s will be moving from its original location. We took this opportunity to ask Shorty’s owner Avout a few questions about the move...

Hey Kids – Comics! 54

Comics originally published in Skill Shot issue 54...