Hello World, I’m your ch-ch-ch-Cherry Bomb!

2nd Place Andy presents: A balanced strategy on Guardians of the Galaxy of modes and Multiballs.

Nitro’s Castle Cup and Oktoberbest

Nitro Amusements and Another Castle Marysville host a celebration of pinball and beer! Saturday Oct 20th. Pinball tournament $10, sign up 4pm.  More details: Here

Pinball Sez #43

Originally published in Skill Shot #52 (2018)

New Location Round-Up

If you are a pinball enthusiast in Seattle, the opening of a new location can be both a glorious event and business as usual. Here is a list of some of the new locations that opened in the past year.

Skill Shot Pincast Corner

A brief run down of some of the Pincasts from the past year in case you want to know what you may have missed!