Still Drunk Sundays

New (mostly) weekly tournament at the Kraken in the U District! 4:30 sign up, $5 – 21+ More details on our Calendar: Here

Crossword: It only takes one!

Try out the new Skill Shot crossword! Play in your browser or print it out. You can reveal answers individually in the browser version.

Artist Profile: Zombie Yeti / Jeremy Packer

Kayla interviews Jeremy Packer (aka Zombie Yeti) about his art, influences and how he became part of the Stern Pinball team…

Pinball Sez #44

Originally published in Skill Shot #53 (2019)

Ramping Up Production with Mark Davis

Seatte's Mark Davis has been manufacturing and selling reproduction plastic ramps for pinball machines for the last 4 years, all from his home workshop.