The Skill Shot Pincast is the podcast companion to Seattle’s pinball zine! Hosted by Graham Klym and Kayla Greet, the Pincast comes out every two weeks and features guests talking about the local community, the latest games, industry news and gossip, and everything in between!

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Pincast Episode 44 – New Year! Also, Pinjuries.

It's 2017, and we prepare for new seasons of Monday Night Pinball and Seattle Pinball League, and explore the wide, wobbly world of pinjuries.

Pincast Episode 43 – Mailbag and the 100 Game Equation

Kayla and Graham look back on their 100 Game Equation competition and spend some time with the Pincast mailbag.

Pincast Episode 42 – The Skill Shot Shadow Showcase

Who knows? The Shadow knows. And who knows the Shadow? We nose through the Shadow ruleset and whatever else intersects with our knowledge and experience of this classic game.

Pincast Episode 41 – IFPA Stats-travaganza!

Kayla and Graham investigate the current IFPA World Pinball Ranking Points by gender, age, and and nationality, and report and react to their findings!

Pincast Episode 40 – The Untiltables

On our 40th episode, Danny Noonan of Accidents on Purpose podcast shares Washington State's personal history of pinball prohibition, featuring the rise and fall of Scoop Jackson! Plus zines and more!