The Skill Shot Pincast is the podcast companion to Seattle’s pinball zine! Hosted by Graham Klym and Kayla Greet, the Pincast comes out every two weeks and features guests talking about the local community, the latest games, industry news and gossip, and everything in between!

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Pincast Episode 60 – Flippancy

2017 was a weird year. We're ending it with a weird little episode with just Graham and Kayla, goofing around and running into accidents along the way. Enjoy!

Pincast Episode 59 – Get Shorty’s

Recorded on-location in the Trophy Room at Shorty's, we sit down with Avout Vander Werf, owner of our beloved Belltown institution! Avout tells us about his 19 out of the 20 years of Shorty's history!

Pincast Episode 58 – Pitch, Ditch, or Switch

Kayla and Graham survey the recent past and the immediate future, plays some games, and wrap it all up to be opened whenever.

Pincast Episode 57 – Pinball on the Plains

On this episode we talk to Bill and Emily Brooks of Fargo Pinball! Hear about the private pinball club you wish you had...

Pincast Episode 56 – Router Corner

Bobby Conover of 20XX Amusements joins us to talk about his latest endeavors, Coindexters and Full Tilt Capitol Hill! We also talk about MNP and more...