Skill Shot Logo shirt

Skill Shot Logo shirt

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Skill Shot 27 shirt


T-shirt Sale: $10

Limited availabilty!

$5 + $5 postage (US only – international postage will cost more)

A google doc/chart with the available sizes is here: Skill Shot Shirts doc

The Skill Shot Box Set: $55

Assembles 10 years of Skill Shot: 53 zines (issues 1 – 50.5), stickers, button and more! – assembled in an attractive box that fits on a book shelf! Limited availabilty!

Box only: $11 (includes postage) – store all of the issues you already have!

Skill Shot Subscription: $5

4 issues of Skill Shot for 5 dollars! (Add 50 cents for Paypal subscriptions); (Back issues of the black and white mini-zine are available for $1 each)

Bulk issues of Skill Shot: $20 

We will send you 12 copies of the next four issues.

All Prices Include Postage in the USA
please inquire for international postage rates

Paypal to:
Checks/Money Orders/Cash to: Gordon Ornelas, POBox 20204, Seattle WA 98102.

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WDC Period #1 – 5 Collection $15

Our first zine published in 1984 covers the Washington D.C. punk rock scene. Record reviews, show reviews, comics and more! WDC Period eventually had over 30 issues and these were the ones that began it all. A slice of history!

teen fag

Teen Fag #6: $7

There was a world-wide zine explosion in the 90’s and Teen Fag was highly regarded as one of the best of of the queer-zines. Issue #6 is collection of articles from the first 3 issues. This comes with the only issue of Queer Panic a mini-zine from 2000. Awesome!


The Chicken With Penis Collection $10

Rude, crude and guaranteed to offend. Chicken With Penis is a collection of short comics that once you’ve seen them you can’t unsee. Not for the easily offended! Collected with Vs (1 – 5) our poetry (?) zine and Douchebag Confidential #1.