Add-a-Ball 420 Tournament

The annual 420 tournament at AAB is back! Sign ups and more begins at 4:20 pm… Skill Shot Calendar: annual-addaball-420-tournament

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Proof of Vaccine Locations

These are the pinball locations in the Seattle area that currently require proof that you have had the covid vaccination before you can enter their business:
Updated Sept. 6, 2021

Flip Flip Ding Ding
Hounds Tooth Pub
Hellbent Brewing Co
Another Castle Bremerton (beginning Sept. 9)
Lucky Liquor (only on live music nights)
The Meyer (Pioneer Sq)

If you know of other pinball locations that ask for proof of your vaccination please reach out to us so we can add them to this list.

Avout from Shorty’s included the below details which most likely apply to most (if not all) of the other locations…

We require a proof of vaccination, this can be:

  • Vaxx card matching your ID
  • Photo of your vaxx card matching your ID
  • Screenshot off the, showing your vaxx status matching your ID. This is handy for folks who are vaxxed but forgot to bring their card.

We also ask folks to wear a mask once indoors when not seated and drinking, per governor’s mandate.

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Washington Pinball Updates

As more locations begin to reopen and expand their hours, we will no longer be updating the Open for Pinball posts below. We will instead strive to keep our Skill Shot Pinball List current as a way to determine if a location is open – and what pinball machines you will find there. As always this is a community effort and you can help by messaging us whenever you discover a reopened business, newly turned on games and (of course) any pin changes.



Skill Shot Pinball List:

PS: Despite the current CDC changes please keep wearing a mask when visiting arcades, bars and other locations – the employees will appreciate it.

May 16, 2021

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Chris Walsh (1952 – 2021)

The Seattle pinball community suffered a great loss when Chris Walsh passed on April 25th. Chris was one of the main driving forces behind the creation of the NW Pinball and Arcade Show back in 2008 when it was held at the Seattle Center. Although we were never exactly sure of his official role in the organization, during the show it seemed like he was the host because of his constant presence and his friendly personality. Chris had a welcoming smile, something fun and insightful to say and was someone we always looked forward to seeing at the show. Outside of pinball Chris and his family ran the Delta Rehabilitation Center (aka the Snohomish Chalet) from 1979 to 2020. This kind hearted man will be missed by many – RIP.

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Limited Edition Printing of issue 56

The limited-edition printing of the last issue before the pandemic and a snap shot of the Seattle pinball scene pre-2020. Originally this issue was released digitally in February. Because of continuing health concerns and the limited number of copies there is a good chance you will not see these out in the wild. $1 (cash) or $1.50 via Paypal – Limit of 5 copies per person please. 

Send cash to: Skill Shot, POBox 20204, Seattle WA 98102
Skill Shot 56 digital version:,21858

For more ordering options (and merch) check out the Skill Shot Shop page: