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Feature Audits

Observers of the Seattle pinball scene know intuitively that pinball has had a big resurgence in recent years. Still, seeing the graph below is impressive. Seattle has experienced near-linear growth in the number of games on location over the course of 7 years!

We seem to have hit a plateau for games on location, and it’s hard to imagine we could support any other major venues. But the graph shows similar past lengths of flat growth, and new locations are still coming. We may not yet have reached the mountaintop.

Seattle’s pinball boom has been concentrated to a few significant locations: Seattle Pinball Museum, Full Tilt Ballard, Add-a-Ball, and Flip Flip Ding Ding. Those four locations account for 35% of Seattle’s 281 games.

Removing SPM’s additions shows almost no change in the ID

Fish Tales was once Seattle’s most popular game. From mid-2009 to mid-2011 there were as many as 12 Fish Tales on location. Even the current most popular and perennial favorite Medieval Madness only has 11 machines on location. Despite its one-time popularity, there are now just 5 Fish Tales in Seattle.

tournament results

Local Tournament Results for December 2013

First Sunday @ Shorty’s 12/1 – 1st Rage Against the Machines (Tim Tournay’s team),Rage Against the Machine 2nd Flipper Babies (Kayla Greet’s team), 3rd Team Warfield (Michael Warfield’s team), 4th Shoulda Stayed Home (Levi Dittebrandt’s team)

Babes in Pinland 12/5 – 1st Nycole Hyatt, 2nd Amanda Kunzi

SPL 2013 Finals 12/7 – 1st Cayle George, 2nd Dave Stewart, 3rd Kevin Birrell, 4th MattSPL Finals Winners Ackley Cohen, Wild Card Winner Bobby Conover

Flip Off Hunger Seattle 12/14 – 1st Aaron Garberding, 2nd Steven Ackley, 3rd Nicholas Polimenakos, 4th Elijah Nelson

Olaf’s Monthly Pinball Tournament 12/22 1st Andrew Nunes (STRIKELESS 10-0!), 2nd Nigel Colbert, 3rd Nycole Yvonne Hyatt, 4th Levi Dittebrandt

Add-a-Ball Wednesday Flip Off 12/4 – 1st Sergey Posrednikov, 2nd Geoff Simons, 3rd olafs(tie) Eric Harris and 3rd Dave Stewart. 12/11 – 1st Dave Stewart, 2nd Geoff Simons, 3rd Sophie Spicard, 3rd Andrew Nunes

John John’s Tuesday Flip Off 12/10 – 1st Elijah Nelson, 2nd Travis Echert, 3rd Sam Atlas, 4th Geoff Simons. 12/17 – 1st Geoff Simons, 2nd Zac Petersen, 3rd Travis Echert, 4th Heather Loudon

Full Tilt Ballard Weekly 12/2 – 1st Bobby Conover, 2nd Aaron Bendickson, 3rd Raymond Davidson, 4th Danny Rashid. 12/9 – 1st Kevin Birrell, 2nd Andrew Nunes, 3rd Raymond Davidson, 4th Matt Galbraith. 12/16 – 1st Kevin Birrell, 2nd Nigel Colbert, 3rd Raymond Davidson, 4th Heather Loudon. 12/23 – 1st Raymond Davidson, 2nd Kevin Birrell, 3rd Bobby Conover, 4th Neri Osmanovic. 12/30 – 1st Raymond Davidson, 2nd Kevin Birrell, 3rd Heather Loudon, 4th (tie) Aaron Bendickson and Bobby Conover

tournament results

Local Tournament Results for November 2013

First Sunday at Shorty’s 11/3 – 1st Tim Tournay ($55), 2nd Joseph Salender ($25), 3rd Kayla Greet ($10), 4th (tie) Wallace Johnson, Aaron McAbee, and Cathy Cartoon ($5)Cyclops Style!

Add-a-Ball Wednesday Flip Off 11/6 – 1st Dave Stewart, 2nd Geoff Simons, 3rd (tie) Sophie Spicard and Andrew Nunes. 11/20 – 1st Dave Stewart, 2nd Sergey Posrednikov, 3rd Aaron Bendickson, 4th Hannah Holmberg. 11/27 – 1st Justin Hugeback, 2nd Dave Stewart, 3rd (tie) Sergey Posrednikov and Elijah Nelson

John John’s Tuesday Flip Off 11/5 – 1st Elijah Nelson, 2nd Daniel Salo, 3rd Sam Atlas, 4th Austin Arlitt. 11/12 – 1st Maka Honig, 2nd Nicholas Polimenakos, 3rd Sam Atlas, 4th Geoff Simons

Full Tilt Ballard Weekly 11/4 – 1st Raymond Davidson, 2nd Matt Cohn, 3rd Kevin Birrell, 4rd Bobby Conover. 11/11 – 1st Kevin Birrell, 2nd Maka Honig, 3rd (tie)Bobby Conover and Raymond Davidson. 11/18 – 1st Raymond Davidson, 2nd Kevin Birrell, 3rd Nicholas Polimenakos. 11/25 – 1st Raymond Davidson, 2nd Nigel Colbert, 3rd (tie) AaronDSCF1300 Bendickson and Bobby Conover

John John’s Game Room Anniversary Tournament 11/8 – King of John John’s: Kansas John, Queen of John John’s: Kayla Greet

16th Annual Shorty’s Pinball Tournament 11/10 – 1st Eden Stamm $700, 2nd Robert Gagno $350, 3rd Elijah Nelson $210, 4th Cayle George $135

Babes in Pinland 11/14 – 1st Hannah Holmberg, 2.Claire Brummet

SPL 11/23 – 1st Cayle George, 2nd John McAllister, 3rd Adam Chesbrough, 4rd AndrewNov SPL Nunes

The 3rd Annual Leftover TurNery 11/30 – 1st Mike Culver, 2nd Robert Gagno, 3rd Mitch Anderson, 4rd Elijah Nelson


Full Tilt Winter Cup

Skill Shot stopped by the annual Winter Cup at Full Tilt in Ballard shortly after the tournament started. The competition looked fierce with several IFPA top-100 players in attendance. We snapped a few pictures: