Seattle Black Owned Businesses Guide

Our team has put together a handy pocket sized guide to Seattle’s Black owned restaurants and drinking establishments. You can make more copies of this zine simply by downloading the PDF file below and printing it out (double sided if possible!) Feel free to print out a few extras to pass around – especially if you are going out – to help spread the word. Scroll to the bottom for a jpeg version that is phone friendly. #BLACKLIVESMATTER

PDF file: BOB print version

Additional information and sources:

Official Black Wall Street 

Jpeg version:

BOB page 1
Page 1
BOB page 2
Page 2

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Open for Pinball – CANCELLED!

Beginning on July 30th pinball machines are no longer allowed to be turned on at public businesses in the state of Washington until phase 4. Almost every location csn still sell food and drinks until 10pm so help them out by dining in or ordering something to-go!

Below are the locations currently open for business. Please remember that all of these businesses have different hours now and also have restrictions on customer capacity. Equally important to remember is that the pandemic isn’t over and you should take every precaution to protect yourself and others by observing social distancing, washing your hands, and wearing a mask! Be safe, have fun and Support Local Pinball!

Note: due to new pandemic restrictions all arcades and gaming areas in WA will be closed until phase 4 begining July 30th.

Pinball Locations currently open in the Seattle area:

Updated 7/25/2020

Admiral Pub (W. Seattle) reservations only
Another Castle Bremerton
Another Castle Edmonds (21+ until phase 4)
Another Castle Marysville
Ashley’s Pub (Bremerton)
Blue Goose Tavern (Port Orchard)
Christy’s Bar and Grill (Renton)
Coindexter’s (Greenwood)
Full Tilt Columbia City
Full Tilt White Center
Getaway Tavern (Mountlake Terrace)
Half Pint/Ally Cat (Tacoma)
Hillside (Cap Hill)
Hounds Tooth Pub (Greenwood)
Hummingbird Saloon (Columbia city)
Ice Box (Frelard) open every day until late
Jupiter (Belltown)
The Kraken (U District)
Kitsap Mall (Silverdale)
Lock and Keel (Ballard)
The Lookout (Cap Hill)
Lucky Liquor (Tukwila)
Noble Barton (White Center)
Olaf’s (Ballard)
Orange Dracula (Pike Place Market)
Roanoke Tavern (Cap Hill)
Shorty’s (Belltown)
Slippery Pig (in Poulsbo)
Streamline Tavern (Queen Anne)
Vessel Taphouse (Lynnwood)
Victory Lounge (East Lake)
Waterland Arcade (Des Moines)
White Buffalo Saloon (Everett)



Skill Shot is anti-racist and anti-fascist. We strive to be inclusive, build community, and embrace anyone who shares the love of pinball (unless you’re a jerk). The pinball scene is largely white. It’s important to reflect on why, and how to continue to make our community more accessible. Pinball is for everyone.


Skill Shot Coloring Book!

Here’s something to do when you have time on your hands – print out the images and color them how you like! These pages are full size (8.5″ x 11″) and will probably work best with colored pencils – if you want to use crayons or some other medium you may want to use thick paper.

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crossword digital zine features other

Skill Shot 56

Team Skill Shot unfortunately did not get our spring issue #56 to the printer before the virus pandemic started. Given that most of our distribution points are now-closed bars and arcades, we’ve decided to publish issue #56 online in the print layout format. Please note that we have not updated any of the ads or text since the outbreak started and you should assume any events mentioned for March and April have been canceled. On desktop browsers, click each spread to open, then click the top-right corner to zoom in. Text versions of each post coming soon.

November 2020 note: the WordPress updates may effect the slideshow feature and you may need to open each image in a new tab to see it clearly. 

Printable version of the crossword: Initial Thoughts

Online playable version of the crossword: Initial Thoughts