Local Tournament Results for January 2014

Babes in Pinland (1/2)
1. Amanda Kunzi, 2. Kayla Greet, Hannah Holmberg, 4. Nycole Hyatt

First Sunday @ Shorty’s (1/5) Canadian-style hosted by Amanda Kotchon:
Jeff Gagnon, “Spiritual Canadian” and Eh Division winner, […]

Local Tournament Results for December 2013

First Sunday @ Shorty’s 12/1 – 1st Rage Against the Machines (Tim Tournay’s team), 2nd Flipper Babies (Kayla Greet’s team), 3rd Team Warfield (Michael Warfield’s team), 4th Shoulda Stayed […]

Local Tournament Results for November 2013

First Sunday at Shorty’s 11/3 – 1st Tim Tournay ($55), 2nd Joseph Salender ($25), 3rd Kayla Greet ($10), 4th (tie) Wallace Johnson, Aaron McAbee, and Cathy Cartoon ($5)

Add-a-Ball Wednesday Flip Off 11/6 – 1st Dave Stewart, 2nd Geoff […]

Local Tournament Results For October 2013

Monday Pinball Tournament at Full Tilt Ballard October 7th – 1st place Kevin Birrell, 2nd place Maka Honig, 3rd place Raymond Davidson and Bobby Conover (tie), 5th Nicholas Polimenakos. October 14th […]

Local Tournament Results For September 2013

Monday Pinball Tournament at Full Tilt Ballard: September 2nd- 1st place Dave Stewart, 2nd place Kevin Birrell, 3rd place Sergey Posrednikov, 4th place Tim Tournay. September 9th – 1st place Raymond […]