The Skill Shot Pincast is the podcast companion to Seattle’s pinball zine! Hosted by Graham Klym and Kayla Greet, the Pincast comes out every two weeks and features guests talking about the local community, the latest games, industry news and gossip, and everything in between!

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Pincast Episode 53 – Brad and Gordon 3: The Reckoning

Brad and Gordon join us again for another Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show recap! We play "Name That Game" and talk about misc Seattle pinball topics ...

Pincast Episode 52 – Statstravaganza 2: Into the Void

We bring back Michael Adcock to answer listener questions, and we also play a brand new game ...

Pincast Episode 50 – Wakkawakkawalking to NWPAS

Dan Halligan returns to preview the 10th Annual Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show in Tacoma this weekend (June 9-11)! And more...

Pincast Episode 49 – Skill Shot Showcase: NBA Fastbreak!

Get Dialed In with Kayla's take on Jersey Jack's latest, the latest on issue 47, Monday Night Pinball and a new Skill Shot Showcase on NBA Fastbreak!

Pincast Episode 48 – Do the Dead Flip!

We sit down with Jack Danger of Dead Flip, who is pretty darn good with a didgeridoo!