Getting from Point A to Pinball

It’s easy to be a bus rider and pinball player in Seattle and the surrounding area, but it takes an awareness of time and the always-changing bus schedules. It also requires headphones ...

There’s No Place Like the Outlanes

There’s No Place Like the Outlanes
By Kevin Birrell

Wizard of Oz is the first game by Jersey Jack Pinball, and it is clear that the team behind the game has […]

Gilby Rolls [like a vehicular manslaughterer]

Gilby Rolls [like a vehicular manslaughterer]
By 3rd Place Andy
Data East’s 1994 widebody Guns N’ Roses is packed with features. There are five different multiball modes. There are two plungers. […]



There are three main multiballs in AC/DC that one should always try to advance while playing through songs.

The main goal in JAM multiball is to […]

Getting the Most Extra Balls from The Addams Family

By 4th Place Andy

(Originally published in Skill Shot 26, October 2012)

The Addams Family (or TAF for short) is known for its generosity with extra balls (EBs). One can feasibly […]