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Seattle Pinball News and Gossip 35

Pinball Seattle: A League of Our Own

SKILL SHOT 35  August 2014 © Chow Chow Productions PO Box 20204 Seattle WA 98102   Skill Shot this issue:  Gordon Gordon, Bernard Boulevard, Nosebleed Larson, Pro-Graham, Andrew Cole, Kayla Greet, Justin Blau, Jeff Groper, Steve Ackley, Aaron McAbee, Levi, MJ, KCB and everyone who comes to the folding party, and helps distribute the zine! For a 5 issue subscription, please send $5 (cash).  Contact us for check/Paypal info:  Email  On the Web: On facebook: Skill Shot . Cover Image: Bally’s Party Zone (1991) art by Greg Freres, photo by Justin Blau; List collage elements: Bally’s Party Animal (1991) art by Pat McMahon, photos by Nosebleed