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Seattle Pinball News and Gossip 40

The Mode Road

IFPA Women’s Championship coming in 2016

SKILL SHOT 40  October 2015 © Chow Chow Productions PO Box 20204 Seattle WA 98102   Skill Shot this issue:  Gordon Gordon, Bernard Boulevard, Nosebleed Larson, Pro-Graham Klym, Andrew Cole, Kayla Greet, Justin Blau, Jeff Groper, Aaron McAbee, Levi Lowe, 3rd Place Andy and everyone who comes to the folding party, and helps distribute the zine! For a 5 issue subscription, please send $5 (cash).  Contact us for check/Paypal info:  Email   On the Web: On facebook: Skill Shot    Cover Image: Williams’ Dirty Harry (1995) art by Kevin O’Connor and Pat McMahon , photo by Justin Blau; List collage: Gottlieb’s Atlantis (1975) art by Gordon Morison, photos by Nosebleed.