It’s another cross-cast — this time about the nexus of pinball and science fiction, with our friend Jesse Mercury! We recorded for over two hours on Kayla’s birthday, and she and Graham drank the lion’s share of a bottle of Kraken rum in the process. Man, can you hear it by the end of this episode. You can hear the first hour — the (relatively) sober hour — over at

We had a great time with our new pal, and man, is it nice to record through his pro podcasting set-up. You’ll hear the difference! Pardon the long intro and the epic runtime — we were feeling pretty darn chatty.

Jesse has two great podcasts that we highly recommend: Sci Fi with Jesse Mercury and Sci Fi on Trial with Jesse Mercury. Queue it up! Congratulations to our contest winner, and thanks to everyone who wrote us! We love to hear from you. Bola Salvada!