Episode 2 is here!

In this edition of the Pincast, Graham and Kayla talk with Aaron McAbee about the Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show, this weekend at the Tacoma Convention Center!

We each picked a game featured in the Main Match-Play Tournament (Graham – Space Station, Kayla – NBA Fastbreak, Aaron – Wizard of Oz) and talked about our best approach for big points in a tournament setting. Then Aaron plays around of Name that Game, then turns the tables and quizzes Graham and Kayla with a hilarious and challenging game of his own!

Other notes:

  • Shout-out again to The (Real) Pills members Adam and Ben for letting use their awesome song (Tilt!) to kick off these episodes! Check out their current band, Fellwoods (link below)!
  • Kayla would like to submit a correction to her Seattle / Wizard of Oz / Emerald City anecdote — Seattle got its Oz-zy nicknameĀ after Frank L. Baum published the Wizard of Oz.
  • We’re going to get a little more ambitious right out of the gates and will try to post TWO episodes a month. Stay tuned in the next month for a rundown of the busy tournament calendar and a NWPAS recap!

Check out Fellwoods!

Thanks again to everyone for all the kind words about our first episode. We’re psyched to share these with you!