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About Us

Skill Shot, Seattle’s Pinball Zine is a free publication distributed throughout the Seattle area 5 times a year. The Seattle Pinball List and local Pinball News and Gossip are presented in every issue along with a feature article by various rotating contributors. Skill Shot wouldn’t exist without volunteers who help fold and distribute every issue of the zine, and the countless other pinball fans who help us keep the list up-to-date. Support Local Pinball!

The TeamGordon

Gordon Gordon (Ornelas)

Under the name Chow Chow Productions, Gordon  has published Skill Shot since its inception in 2007. Besides publishing he is involved in all aspects of Skill Shot including layout, advertising, co-hosting local tournaments and writing the Seattle Pinball News and Gossip column. Other zines published by Chow Chow Productions include WDC Period (1984 – 87) and Teen Fag (1993 – 97).


Bernard Blvd (aka Brad Hayden)

Co-founder of Skill Shot and responsible for the cover design of each issue. He has also written articles, does layout for the print zine, and is the Skill Shot volunteer coordinator. Along with Gordon, Brad hosts many local pinball tournaments and events and is often considered the face of the zine. Brad’s favorite pin is Cactus Canyon. SLAYERS!


Jeff (Nosebleed) Larson

Joined Skill Shot beginning with issue 6 and has since become the main graphic designer behind the print zine. He creates many unique fonts and logos for each issue, as well as designing the print version of the Seattle Pinball List. Nosebleed is involved in many group and local art shows and is also the creator of The Lighter of Month Club. His favorite pin is Attack From Mars.


Graham Klym

Editor and writer for Skill Shot. Joining Skill Shot in January 2011, Graham launched a website re-design in 2011. Graham’s favorite pinball era is late 70’s/early 80’s Bally, including games such as Centaur, Fathom and 8 Ball Deluxe.

Andrew Cole

Writes and maintains the software behind the Skill Shot List, and also wrote the Skill Shot app for Android. He also contributes article layouts for the print zine. Andrew’s favorite pinball machine is Steve Ritchie’s 1979 hit game Flash.


Kayla Greet

Joined team Skill Shot with her May 2012 guide to Pinball Tournament Etiquette. Since then she’s contributed as a feature writer, editor, layout designer and distributor. Kayla runs a monthly women’s pinball tournament called Babes in Pinland and plays in countless others. Her favorite pins are Williams / Bally DMDs like Monster Bash, Cactus Canyon and Scared Stiff.


Skill Shot email: editor@skill-shot.com

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