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First Sunday Tournament @ Shorty’s

June 1, 2014


This will be the first ever (?) Keanu Reeves themed pinball tournament and should be most excellent.

The Rules of the Keanu:
1. In order to participate in the tournament, you must accept the red or blue pill and do a Keanu line reading from not only his films but from his life before the first round of the tournament.

2. Be excellent to each other. Enjoy playing with friends and do not dwell too much on the points or the money. Have a good conversation with the people you play a fun game with and (perhaps) talk about something besides how cool it is to play pinball. Also buying a drink for your co-player will not be frowned upon.

3. Do not play your opponents (hard) ball. Do not tilt your opponents (hard) ball. Both give the win to the other player.

4. No playing extra (hard) balls. Launch them and no flipping. Expect a chain reaction of sorts soon after.

5. Obey the sweet (November) ruling of the judge if there is a game malfunction. The matrix has it’s glitches. No bitching or complaining about the judgment.

6. Do not like Keanu? Do not like the format? Do not play. Keanu walked away from Speed 2, you can walk away from this tournament.

7. Be happy whenever you get the chance to eat a sandwich.

8. Examples of being excellent to each other will be rewarded during the tournament.

 More details will be found here.

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Skill shot





June 1, 2014