Skill Shot Hoodies: $35 + postage

LIMITED SUPPLY: The Skill Shot Hoodie is available again!  Your choice of either a black or blue hoodie – t-shits are available also (with the same design). check our hoodie/tshirt chart to see if we still have your size: Hoodie/tshirt Chart (google doc link)

Skill Shot Sticker Pack: $5

A bundle of Skill Shot stickers for 5 dollars! Some of them are old and rare..! (Add 50 cents for Paypal orders)

Skill Shot Sample Pack: $5.50

Check out a bunch of issues of Skill Shot all at once! 4 issues of the new color format and 6 of the black and white classic zine. (Issue selection may be different than what the pic shows.) This Makes a great gift!

The Skill Shot Box Set: $55

Assembles 10 years of Skill Shot: 53 zines (issues 1 – 50.5), stickers, a button and more! – assembled in an attractive box that fits on a book shelf! Limited availabilty!

Single Back Issues of Skill Shot $1

Round out your collection with any issues you are missing – check out the cover gallery for what the issue numbers are:

Skill Shot T-shirt Sale $10

Limited availabilty!

A google doc/chart with the available sizes is Here

All Prices Include Postage in the USA (except where noted)

Paypal to:
Checks/Money Orders/Cash to: Gordon Ornelas, POBox 20204, Seattle WA 98102.

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WDC Period #1 – 5 Collection $15

My first zine published in 1984 covered the Washington D.C. punk rock scene. Record reviews, show reviews, comics and more! WDC Period eventually had over 30 issues and these were the ones that began it all. A slice of history!

Teen Fag #6: $7

There was a world-wide zine explosion in the 90’s and Teen Fag was highly regarded as one of the best of of the queer-zines. Issue #6 is collection of articles from the first 3 issues. This also comes with the only issue of Queer Panic, a mini-zine from 2000, and a press kit I use to send out that has different reviews that Teen Fag received – both in other zines and the main stream media. Awesome!

WDC Period/Teen Fag Combo Pack: $20

All of the above: 5 issues of WDC Period, Teen Fag #6, Queer Panic and the press kit. A deal!

The Chicken With Penis Collection $10

Rude, crude and guaranteed to offend. Chicken With Penis is a collection of short comics that once you’ve seen them you can’t unsee. Trigger Warning: Not for the easily offended! Collected with Vs (1 – 5) our poetry (?) zine and Douchebag Confidential #1. Adults only!


7/4/19 – Ordering is closed thank you for your orders. The live hand off of the hoodies will be announce via email once we get them back from the printer.

The Skill Shot Hoodie pre-order site is now open! Featuring an original Nosebleed design on a black hoodie with three different print colors to choose from: red, green or blue (all with a silver backing). We’ll be taking pre-orders until June 30th.

This is a medium-weight hoodie in a cotton/polyester blend. There is a zipper down the front. All the hoodies are black fabric, you’re only choosing the print color. All details subject to change. Trust us- it will be awesome!

If you are local and want to save on postage we will be having a Skill Shot Hoodie Pick-up party once the hoodies are back from the printer! Time and place: TBA (but sometime in July 2019)