Local Tournament Results for June 2014

First Sunday Tournament @ Shorty’s (6/1): 1. Tim Tournay, 2. Gordon Gordon.Shorty's

Babes in Pinland @ Add-a-Ball (6/5): 1. Claire Sutcliffe,     2. Kayla Greet, 3. Jodine Hatfield.

2014 Northwest Pinball & Arcade Show (6/6-6/8): Main Tournament: 1. Dave Stewart, 2. Tim Tournay,             3. Trevor McDonald, 4. Noah Davis. Classic PinGolf Tournament: 1. Raymond Davidson, 2. Robert Gagno,           3. Jason Hatch, 4. Andrew Nunes. Babes in Pinland Tournament: 1. Julie Gray, 2. Nycole Hyatt, 3. Annie Goldfield, 4. Kayla Greet. Rookie Pinball Tournament: 1. Dave Pine, 2. Ron Siemens,    3. Jack Slovacek, 4. PNWPAAS 2hil Brindle.

Northwest Pinball Championships (6/15): Main Tournament: 1. Keith Elwin, 2. Cayle George, 3. Raymond Davidson, 4. Zach Sharpe. Classics: 1. Robert Gagno, 2. Keith Elwin, 3. Bob Matthews, 4. Dave Stewart.

Another Castle Launch Tournament (6/21): Main Tournament: 1. Sergey Posrednikov, 2. Mitch Anderson, 3. Kevin Birrell, 4. Kayla Greet. Side Tournament: 1. Dave Stewart, 2. Mitch Anderson, 3. Sergey Posrednikov, 4. Amanda Kunzi.

KCB Turns 21 Tournament @ Olaf’s (6/22): 1. James Daniels, 2. Sergey Posrednikov,
3. Bobby Conover, 4. Danny Rashid, 4. Mitch KevinAnderson.

Another Castle Weekly Tournament (6/28): 1. Nigel Colbert,      2. Greg Harting, 3. Levi Dittebrandt, 4. Joseph Salender.

Flip Flip Ding Ding Bi-Weekly Tournament: (6/5): 1. Jeff Anderson, 2. Levi Dittebrandt, 3. Andrew Miller, 3. Katie Janis. (6/19): 1. Tony Stewart, 2. Dave Stewart, 3. Levi Dittebrandt,             4. Rachel Helm.

Full Tilt Ballard Weekly Tournament: (6/5): 1. Kevin Birrell, 2. David Riel, 3. Nicholas Polimenakos, 4. Bobby Conover. (6/12): 1. Kevin Birrell, 2. Aaron Bendickson, 3. Raymond Davidson, 4. Todd Rafacz. (6/19): 1. Bobby Conover, 2. Ari Golding, 3. Aaron Bendickson,           4. Kevin Birrell. (6/26): 1. Danny Rashid, 2. Kevin Birrell,NWPAAS   3. Aaron McAbee, 3. Aaron Bendickson.

John John’s Tuesday Flip Off: TBA

Add-a-Ball Wednesday Flip Off: (6/25): 1. Dave Stewart, 2. Joseph Salender, 3. Geoff Simons, 4. Hannah Holmberg, 4. Sergey Posrednikov.


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First Sunday Tournament @ Shorty’s

July 2014 smallhttp://www.skill-shot.com/event/first-sunday-tournament-shortys-8


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Local Tournament Results for May 2014

Babes in Pinland @ Add-a-Ball (5/1): 1: Jodine Hatfield, 2: Amanda Kunzi, 3: Nicole 

Seattle Pinball League (5/3): 1. Tim Tournay, 2. Lee Nuqui, 3. Matt Cohn, 4. Nigel Colbert.Portland women at Powder Puff

First Sunday Tournament @ Shorty’s (5/4):         1. Amanda Kunzi, 2. Tim Tournay, 3. Steven Ackley,     4. Nicholas Polimenakos.

8-Bit Monthly Tournament (5/11): TBA

Olaf’s April Pinball Tournament (5/18): 1. Patrick Carlson, 2. Sergey Posrednikov, 3. Nigel Colbert, 4. Jesse Helin.

Annual Powder Puff Tournament @ Shorty’s (5/25): 1. Kristen Daniels, 2. Mindy Bert,     3. Hannah Holmberg, 4. Emma Eichorn.Kristen Powder Puff

NWPAS Pre-Show Tournament @ 8-Bit (5/31): 1. Erin Harting, 2. Peter Pablo, 3. Patrick Carlson, 3. Julie Gray.

Flip Flip Ding Ding Bi-Weekly Tournament: (5/8): 1. Erik Gust, 2. Travis Maisch, 3. Jeff Anderson, 4. Nigel Colbert. (5/22): 1. Nigel Colbert, 2. Nicholas Polimenakos, 3. Patrick Carlson,         4. Jeff Anderson.

Full Tilt Ballard Weekly Tournament: (5/8): 1. Bobby Conover, 2. Justin Hugeback, 3. Kevin Birrell, 4. Michael Warfield. (5/15): 1. Aaron Bendickson, 2. Michael Warfield, 3. Danny Rashid, 3. Jeremy Edwards. (5/22): 1. Matt Tomkins, 2. Ari Golding, 3. Phil Piwonka, 4. Scott Wisniuwski. (5/29): 1. Justin Hugeback, 2. Patrick Carlson, 3. Aaron Bendickson, 4. Bobby Conover.

John John’s Tuesday Flip Off: (5/13): 1. Geoff Simons, 2. Nigel Colbert, 3. Mike Blake MitchellDavenport. (5/20): 1. Patrick Carlson, 2. Sergey Posrednikov, 3. Daniel Salo,    4. Tim Tournay.

Add-a-Ball Wednesday Flip Off: (5/7): 1. Mitch Anderson,        2. Patrick Carlson, 3. Jason Hatch, 4. Blake Mitchell. (5/14):             1. Dave Stewart, 2. Jason Hatch, 3. Blake Mitchell, 3. Sergey Posrednikov. (5/21): 1. Travis Echert, 2. Blake Mitchell, 3. Geoff Simons, 4. Jason Hatch.


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NW Pinball and Arcade Show: June 6 – 8

logoThe Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show will happen this weekend (June 6 – 8) at the Tacoma Convention Center! Like every year there will be many (100′s) of pinball machines and arcade games set to free-play for your enjoyment with the cost of admission.

One of the highlights of this year’s show will be a Marco Specialties/Stern Pinball’smustang joint booth featuring many of the most recent Stern pins including the newest one: Mustang. Marco usually brings an overhead camera so that you can watch the game play of the newest pinball machine which is always fun to look at while you’re waiting in line to play.

This year NW PAAS will have a plethora of pinball tournaments for all skill levels and
interests. For the more experienced players there will be a Classics PinGolf and All-Match-Play Tournaments tourney pins2013throughout the weekend with full IFPA points (points!). Friday will have a Rookies Tournament for those who are haven’t played in an organized tournament before and a special edition of the monthly Babes in Pinland will be held on Saturday for ladies only. Various tournaments for children will also be held on Saturday and Sunday in the Kids Zone. For a complete listing of times and rules go here.

Speakers this year include: Jersey Jack Guarnieri and Butch Peel of Jersey Jack Pinball; game designer Mark Ritchie (Fish Tales, Taxi); artist Pat McMahon (Tales of the Arabian Nights, Junk Yard); and a co-presentation by Steve Ritchie and Davidstar trek stern Thiel about the making of last year’s Star Trek. If you’re interested in pinball repair and restoration you won’t want to miss Friday when there are many different seminars about these topics. Go to the NW PAAS website for a complete schedule. The show’s Face Book page is also a wealth of information.

If you are taking the bus from Seattle we have a detailed article about that in the post below. If you are spending the night(s) in Tacoma don’t forget that most of the stores in the neighborhood close before midnight (sadly the IGA on Pacific is now closed Frogger-Dorkys-detailaccording to Yelp). There are lots of restaurants nearby though and of course Dorky’s is only a few blocks away.

Visitors from out of the area will be tempted to visit Seattle since it is a short drive away. Go for it! Our Seattle Pinball List and Skill Shot App (Android) will give you directions on the area’s local pinball hotspots. As in previous years the most recent issue of Skill Shot (Seattle’s Pinball Zine) and a selection of back issues will be available at the registration/ticket area of the show (free!) so don’t forget to pick up a few copies if you don’t already have them.

Have fun and support local pinball!

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Do you want to go to the Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show in Tacoma this weekend (June 6 – 8) and you don’t have a car?

It is fairly easy to take public transportation from Seattle to the Tacoma Convention Center. Sound Transit Express Bus (ST) #590/594 begins on Stewart St at DSCF7610Yale/Denny and has stops on 2nd Ave downtown, 4th Ave in the ID, and the bus corridor through SODO. These busses are much nicer than a regular DSCF7648Metro Bus, and the trip takes about an hour and will take you a short block from the Convention Center. Get off at Pacific and 15th in Tacoma and you can see the Convention Center from the bus stop. Fare from Seattle to Tacoma: $3.50/adult $2.50/youth.

Both routes run on the weekdays but only ST #594 runs on the weekend, with busses running every half hour throughout all of the days. DSCF7651Running right in front of the Convention Center on Commerce is the Tacoma Link, which is a free light rail train. Taking the Link train to the end of the line (two stops) will put you a short walk from Dorky’s at the corner of S 9th and Pacific. If you take theDSCF7698 Light Rail to the other end of the line, you’ll get to Frieghthouse Square which offers a very diverse food court and small shops similar to Pike Place market.

DSCF7704Commerce is also the street where you will catch the bus back to Seattle. There are many bus boarding zones on this street and not all busses stop at every one, so it’s a good idea to scope out which boarding zone the ST #594 services just in case you need to run for it (like we did). WARNING: The last bus leaves Tacoma at 10:20 PM.

If you miss the last bus, the only option that we know of is to take a cab to Sea-Tac literailairport’s Light Rail Station and catch the train to Seattle. The last train leaves at 12:10 AM. Consult Sound Transit for more details on times and bus stops: http://www.soundtransit.org/ Note: The Sounder train is often discussed as an option for going to Tacoma from Seattle but the last train is at 6:15 PM on Friday and it doesn’t run at all during the weekend.

The above was originally posted on June 3, 2013. According to the internet all the information is still good but we haven’t taken this bus ourselves since last year. The dates in the article have been changed to this years event. – ed

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