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Pinball Tidbits 06/14/11

Skill Shot 19 was released on May 25th and our Folding Party at The Lookout was a big success with over 1600 zines folded! Thanks to everyone who helped fold and distribute the zine, and thanks to The Lookout for the hummus and sliders: dee-licious!

The Ballard Pinball Tournament happened on Monday, May 30th and because it was Memorial Day many of the planned pinball locations were closed. The tournament ended up having most of the matches at Liberty House (which was the scene of a croquet party the day before). Despite many of us having a chance to practice on the games  at the party, Julie Gray came up from behind and took first place and  Skill Shot’s Graham Klym was second place.

Distributing Skill Shot gives us an opportunity to check out the pins on our Seattle Pinball
that we usually don’t play. A trip to Georgetown took us to all the usual spots with our favorite game being the WWF Royal Rumble at the 9LB Hammer, a fun game even if the DMD fizzles out half the time. More time was also spent at Jules Maes watching 4th Place Andy doing the video mode on Star Trek the Next Generation which was more fun than it sounds. Tiger Lounge was the location with the most game changes so check our List for current updates!

The Northwest Pinball  And Gameroom Show (NW PAGS) happened June 3 – 5 at the Seattle Center and was a lot of fun (as usual). This year they mixed up the pinball and arcade games more than in the past and we thought it was nicer this way. The fact that PAGS has both kinds of games (pinball and video) makes the show unique and it was nice that the two audiences weren’t segregated from each other like in the past.

There were a lot of interesting speakers this year, including Jack from Jersey Jack Pinball who is building the new Wizard of Oz game, and Gary Stern who heads Stern Pinball. The newest Stern pin TRON made its Seattle debut and there was a raffle to win the game. There were also seminars by many pinball artists and designers such as John Youssi, Steve Richie, John Popaduik, Greg Freres, as well as King of Kong and local celebrity Steve Wiebe.

Other ultra cool happenings at PAGS include the Pinball Guerilla BBQ (hosted by Claire and Headley), our own Skill Shot’s Biggest Loser Tournament (won by Lee Hopson). Winners at The Northwest Pinball Championship included: Linda (Cheese Boat) Nasfell who was the highest scoring woman; Francesco La Rocca who was the Classics champion; and Eric Dubofsky who won the Novice tournament. The main tournament had an exciting finish when local youngster Raymond Davidson had a tie-breaking game against top rated Keith Elwin and almost won the whole tournament! WOW!!

The Seattle Pinball Museum hosted their quarterly Thursday Night Tournament on June 9th. It was the first time they’ve had one since they switched to the quarterly format and there were a lot of players there. Steven Ackley won, Brian Headley was second and Aaron McAbee took third.

The first of three TRON launch parties/tournaments happened this weekend at the Seattle Waterfront Arcade on Friday (6/10) and Dorky’s on Saturday (6/11). We didn’t make it to either event, but we heard that Maka and Chase Nunes got the wins on Friday and ELF got #1 at Dorky’s, along with Mary Pacha who was the top novice! Dorky’s changed their name to Flynn’s for the event, after the arcade in TRON!

There’s still one more TRON release event happening in Seattle at the Seattle Pinball Museum this Saturday.

We just went to Wolfie’s Birthday at The Lookout and it was packed! The Simpsons pin was mostly working (although the right flipper would sometimes go dead) and the Frankenstein was turned off. We were told that Pirates of the Caribbean will be replacing Frankie on Tuesday and since Wednesday is $5 PBR night we guess we will check it out then.

Congratulations to everyone who has won a tournament and/or had fun at a Seattle pinball event! EXTRA SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS GO TO CAYLE GEORGE! He won the World Pinball Championship in Sweden on May 29th. Check out world Pinball Rankings here!


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