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A secret mode on The Addams Family.

via The Duchess of Bourbon (certified Atheist)

Episode 2: Addams Family (collectors ed.) Multiball with Mansion Awards!

Ever start doing awesome mid-game and wish you could start a new game from that point on?  Well, you can if you are playing Addams Family!  It has to be the collectors edition, of which only 1000 were made, and thank god (who doesn’t exist) there’s one at Shorty’s.  There’s a pretty sweet secret trick which allows you to start a new game mid-multiball. It requires sacrificing a credit, but if you’re on ball 3 or just want to show off your fancy pants, then it’s totally worth it.

The Secret:

Put multiple credits in the machine and start a game.  You’ll probably want to do a one player game, because once you do the trick, you are essentially just starting a new game and any other players will be lost, bye bye.  Just make sure there is still a credit once you start your game.

Start a game as normal, and once you’ve lit Greed and locked the first two balls, make sure to hit it in the Chair to start Multiball (not the Vault aka Bermuda Triangle like you should normally aim for).


The first ball shoots out of swamp kickout (on the right), then you’ll hear the second of your impending multiballs kick over from the chair to the swamp. Right before it shoots out, hit the Start button. Ta Da! New game starts, the balls continue shooting out for your Multiball, and jackpots are still lit; you are automatically in Multiball with either Mamushka or Cousin It running.  You will now be on Ball 1 of your next game with 3 balls and mansion lighting possibilities with jackpots!  Wowee!  If you can take advantage of the ridiculous point scoring possibilities (I always mess it up right away), that could be awesome!

The Breakdown:

1: Start game with credit +1

2: Get multiball in the Chair

3: First ball shoots out of Swamp

4: Listen for the second ball to kick over to the Swamp

5: Hit Start right before it shoots out… cha ching!

6: Kick ass and get billions of points on ball 1 of your fancy new game.

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