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Let’s Get Some Jewels!

Tips for playing Tales of the Arabian Nights

by 4th Place Andy

Welcome to Tales of the Arabian Nights! The princess has been captured by an evil Genie and imprisoned in a bottle. You will have to collect seven jewels before you can battle the Genie. If you beat the Genie, you win 20 million points! There are seven tales, each corresponding to a jewel. Finish a tale, then shoot the ramp to collect the jewel. Note: If “fireball” hurry-up mode is activated, the ramp will not collect a jewel, so shoot the Genie to finish fireball mode first. Here are the tales, in order of difficulty:

1. Scheherazade
Shoot any shot once to finish (5 shots lit).

2. Cyclops
Shoot either captive ball (“orb”) once to finish (2 shots lit).

3. Forty Thieves
Shoot ramp to finish (1 shot lit).

4. Sinbad and the Rocs
Hit one jet bumper to finish (1 shot lit).

5. Camel Race
Shoot any four shots to finish (all shots lit).

6. Flying Horse
Each shot lit, jewel is randomly “hidden” behind one (1 to 5 shots required).

7 Ali Baba
Left and right banks of red targets are lit. Hit any six targets.

Now let’s talk some strategy: Play the easy modes. Wish away the harder modes. Get 4 jewels to light extra ball! You can use the left flipper to select which jewel is “lit.” Shoot the Genie when a jewel is lit to start the mode (only when Lightning Lamp is not activated). Good opportunities to “select” your mode: when the ball is in the plunger lane (i.e. when you begin the game, and begin each ball thereafter) or any time you trap the ball while not already in a mode. When you’re playing a mode, shoot “Make a Wish” and choose “collect jewel” to instantly complete the mode. Awesome opportunity to “select” your mode and complete it in one shot: “Make a Wish” is lit, and the ball is trapped on either flipper. Shoot “Make a Wish” to COLLECT selected jewel (when shooting from the left flipper, remember the jewel selection will rotate to the right by one; I prefer to shoot “Make a Wish” back-handed from the right flipper). Light “Make a Wish” every 15 lamp spins–One or two solid lamp hits will light this award.

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