tournament results

Local Tournament Results (7/5/2012)

Wednesday Tournament at Add-a-Ball (May 2) 1. Headley, 2. Travis, 3. David

Seattle Pinball League Tournament (May 5) 1. Maka Honig . 2. Kevin Birrell. 3. Steve Cartoon

First Sunday Tournament at Shorty’s (May 7) 1. Paul Sonier, 2. Jesus Garcia, 3. Nick Hain.

2nd Annual Border Brawl (May 7).  Two country’s enter, one country leaves.  Raymond delivered the killing blow on The Flintstones to ensure that the trophy stays in the lower 48 for yet another year (give or take a few months).  A great sunny, Margarita soaked day was enjoyed by all.  Thanks to Lou for hosting!  A epic good time was had by all.

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