tournament results

Local Tournament Results 06/03/2012

Seattle Pinball League (March 3) 1. Cayle George.  2. Sean Burrus. 3. Todd MacCulloch. 4. Robert Gagno. 5. Marizio Gagno.  A great time had by all, but no Slurpee machine.

Shorty’s First Sunday Tournament (March 4) 1. Jason Hatch. 2. Adam Jenkins 3. Gordon Ornelas (Tie). 3. Steve Ackley (Tie). 4. Nycole Hyatt. 5. Brad Hayden.    Thanks to Paul Sonier for running a smooth tournament and introducing me to the drink Cuba Libre.

Shorty’s Beard and Stash Tounament (March 4) 1. Jason Hatch. 2. Paul Sonier. 3. Andrew Cole. 4. Kayla Greet.   Selleck would have been proud of the money raised for Foster Children.

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