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Local Tournament Results for November 2013

First Sunday at Shorty’s 11/3 – 1st Tim Tournay ($55), 2nd Joseph Salender ($25), 3rd Kayla Greet ($10), 4th (tie) Wallace Johnson, Aaron McAbee, and Cathy Cartoon ($5)Cyclops Style!

Add-a-Ball Wednesday Flip Off 11/6 – 1st Dave Stewart, 2nd Geoff Simons, 3rd (tie) Sophie Spicard and Andrew Nunes. 11/20 – 1st Dave Stewart, 2nd Sergey Posrednikov, 3rd Aaron Bendickson, 4th Hannah Holmberg. 11/27 – 1st Justin Hugeback, 2nd Dave Stewart, 3rd (tie) Sergey Posrednikov and Elijah Nelson

John John’s Tuesday Flip Off 11/5 – 1st Elijah Nelson, 2nd Daniel Salo, 3rd Sam Atlas, 4th Austin Arlitt. 11/12 – 1st Maka Honig, 2nd Nicholas Polimenakos, 3rd Sam Atlas, 4th Geoff Simons

Full Tilt Ballard Weekly 11/4 – 1st Raymond Davidson, 2nd Matt Cohn, 3rd Kevin Birrell, 4rd Bobby Conover. 11/11 – 1st Kevin Birrell, 2nd Maka Honig, 3rd (tie)Bobby Conover and Raymond Davidson. 11/18 – 1st Raymond Davidson, 2nd Kevin Birrell, 3rd Nicholas Polimenakos. 11/25 – 1st Raymond Davidson, 2nd Nigel Colbert, 3rd (tie) AaronDSCF1300 Bendickson and Bobby Conover

John John’s Game Room Anniversary Tournament 11/8 – King of John John’s: Kansas John, Queen of John John’s: Kayla Greet

16th Annual Shorty’s Pinball Tournament 11/10 – 1st Eden Stamm $700, 2nd Robert Gagno $350, 3rd Elijah Nelson $210, 4th Cayle George $135

Babes in Pinland 11/14 – 1st Hannah Holmberg, 2.Claire Brummet

SPL 11/23 – 1st Cayle George, 2nd John McAllister, 3rd Adam Chesbrough, 4rd AndrewNov SPL Nunes

The 3rd Annual Leftover TurNery 11/30 – 1st Mike Culver, 2nd Robert Gagno, 3rd Mitch Anderson, 4rd Elijah Nelson

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