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Northend Pinball is Booming

From Edmonds to Bellingham western Washington’s pinball scene is on the rise!

New locations and regular tournaments are happening now for pinball players who live north of Seattle. The Northend Street Pinball League begins their new season on Thursday Feb 22nd and there are weekly tournaments happening in Edmonds, Bellingham, Arlington, Marysville plus the occasional special events. Choose the Out of Town filter on the Skill Shot Calendar for more info:

Bellingham’s pinball tournaments got a nice write up on The Front (a Western WA student newsite); The Northend Pinball League site is Here; the Facebook page for Northend pinball is Here; and find Northend pinball locations on our Pinball List by choosing either Snohomish Co. or Road Trip (link at the top). Bola Salvada!

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