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Skill Shot #1 News & Gossip

News and Gossip from issue #1

Originally published in Skill Shot issue 1, September 2007

Canterbury recently replaced Tales of the Arabian Nights with a Fish Tales game. The Fish Tales is nice and clean but we’re going to miss Arabian Nights just because there’s already a F.T. in the neighborhood. Speaking of beautiful machines: PONY recently got their first(?) pin and it’s Monster Bash! It’s never been our favorite game in the past, but the game at PONY is well lit and in excellent working condition which makes it fun to play. Yeah!

Over at The Cuff, the pins got moved to make room for the expanded “leather store”; two are next to the juke box, but poor Star Wars has been exiled next to the stinky back bathroom! We’re guessing that one of the games is going to go. Crikey! Word on the street (or in the arcades) says that STERN is soon to release a Crocodile Hunter game. Apparently this was in the works before his unfortunate man-ray incident. We have also heard rumors of a soon to be announced Wheel of Fortune pin! Both games continue the trend of movie and TV properties being the basis of new games. We hope Best in Show is being considered also.

Lastly, we had a fabulous time at the Pinball-Halo-Birthday Bash up in the hills of Redmond earlier this summer. Birthday boy’s Dave and Keith hosted this awesome event that featured 8 different pinball machines! Thanks guys!  xxoo

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