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Skill Shot #3 News & Gossip

Originally published in Skill Shot issue 3, Spring 2008

The first Northwest Pinball and Game Room Show will be at the Seattle Center June 6 – 8. Word is that there will be over 100 games (all set on free play!). Tournaments, special guests and more! Check out their web site for more details: (

While we are on the subject of web sites, be sure to check out the Skill Shot page on mySpace. We’re posting most of our reviews and such there, but more importantly, this is the place to find our most up-to-date Seattle Pinball Guide!

The new Stern pin Wheel of Fortune made it’s much anticipated debut at Shorty’s recently! It is loads of fun and quite challenging to play. We have got to give props to Shorty’s for creating a unique pricing scale for this game, since it is a lot tougher than the similarly priced Spiderman.  Its 75 cents per game, 4 games for $2, and 11 games for $5!  Sweet.

While it doesn’t look as if Madison Pub is going to get a WoF after all, at least the Lord of the Rings is (mostly) fixed. Just watch out for the bum Balrog!

Capitol Hill has recently gained three more pins this winter with the openings of the (new) Elite and King Cobra. King Cobra is partly related to the recently closed Kincoras and we were really hoping that No Fear was going to relocate along with many of the employees, but no such luck. At least the Fun House isn’t turned up to a disturbing volume like the one at Jules Maes!

Speaking of Jules Maes, we were shocked to find out that the beloved White Water had been replaced with Fish Tales! However, we were happy to see the Redwood has replaced their broken Fish Tales with a working Attack from Mars.

A big thumbs up goes to the Hurricane Café for fixing the dot-matrix display on their Terminator 3! Meanwhile, their South Park is often on the fritz, sometimes giving 30 credits on a non-stop 6 player game, complete with surprise (and undeserved) multi-balls! Crazy!

Finally, according to, there will be a new Shrek pin coming out in March.  It’s geared towards kids, but is built exactly like Family Guy, including the small playfield in the top corner. Sounds like fun!

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