The One To Beat

The One To Beat is a game and location picked at random. We showcase the high score, and challenge anyone to beat it.
If no one tops The One To Beat by our next issue, we change the game and location.  If someone posts a new high score, we’ll feature it in the next Skill Shot.
You can always check the latest The One To Beat in the sidebar.  You can also follow the battle here.
If you post a new high score for The One To Beat, or see a new score featured, let us know or send a photo of the score. (Please always take a picture of your score!)

The One To Beat:

March 19, 2014
Well no one was able to beat the high score from last time. It’s possible that part of the reason was another Star Trek moved in next door at a new location and that made people over look the pin at The Mix. Perhaps. This time we chose a game at a more central location to see if anyone can beat the highscore. Congo at John John’s Game Room on Capitol Hill is where you can give it a  go: TOTB ss_33

January 23, 2014
Unfortunately F-14 reset the GC and since no was able to get a score as high AJB’S we have decided to move on to a new machine! This time it isn’t even a GC that’s The One To Beat (because that one is a factory setting!). Star Trek @ The Mix in Georgetown:totb_32

October 13, 2013
Alas, the BMH GC on Metallica was accidently reset during the last software update! Well we didn’t think anyone was going to beat it anyways so we changed it to the F-14 Tomcat @ Add-a-Ball Amusements in Fremont. Can anyone beat this one or will we need to change the game again in our next issue? Time will tell…TOTB_31

August 14, 2013
A new issue and a new TOTB! No one could beat Maka’s GC
on Dracula so now it’s the new Metallica @ Shorty’s.TOTB SS30


May 16, 2013
MAK is the new TOTB and the contest continues on Dracula @ Orange Dracula!
The One To Beat

March 20, 2013
We have a new TOTB: Bram Stoker’s Dracula @ Orange Dracula

No one could beat MAK’s GC on TAF @ Hurricane so we have moved the contest to the Dracula pin at Orange Dracula at Pike Place Market! The waters are bloody as potential champions are begining to circle this low-ish score, but there’s a twist: This retail space closes at 6PM and is all-ages. Don’t forget to send us a pic if you get the GC so we can post it on this web site.


January 8, 2013
We have a new new Champion:

Maka achieved this score with less than a week before our next issue goes to the printer! Will he be able to retain the GC score or will he be beat by  another last minute contestant? One billion is a pretty high bar…

 October 26, 2012
We have a new current champion!

It didn’t take Dave long to beat ELF’s score. Will he be in the next issue or can someone do better?

October 17, 2012 (From issue 26)
The Addams Family @ The Hurricane Cafe


August 1, 2012
Whirlwind @ Full Tilt Ballard

Well, RAY outdid himself on Whirlwind and knocked The One to Beat up to 57M! Get yourselves down to Full Tilt Ballard and beat that score!


April 19, 2012
Whirlwind @ Full Tilt Ballard
The One to Beat - RAY on Whirlwind, Full Tilt Ballard

Our last The One To Beat prematurely ended when the Space Age Amusements Whirlwind was taken out of the Full Tilt Ballard. We were told that RAY beat the score before that happened and we were prepared to follow the machine to The Feedback Lounge (where it was relocated) but the scores were reset. D’oh! Full Tilt Ballard has different Whirlwind by their new operator (2oxx Amusements) so we decided to keep it the same pin at the same location, but because it’s a new machine it’s a new one to beat:

March 25, 2012
Whirlwind @ Full Tilt Ballard

Skill Shot 22, January 2012
Whirlwind @ Full Tilt Ballard

Skill Shot 21, October 2011
The Rolling Stones @ The Seattle Pinball Museum

Skill Shot #20, August 2011
Jack-Bot at the Rabbit Hole (2224 2nd Ave)

Skill Shot 19, June 2011:
Batman at Shorty’s
Skill Shot 18, April 2011:
Batman @ Shorty’s
February 12, 2011

 Skill Shot 17, February 2011:
Batman @ Shorty’s

 Skill Shot 16, October 2010:
Terminator 2 @ Al’s Tavern

 August 25, 2010


 Skill Shot 15, August 2010:
Terminator 2 @ Al’s Tavern

 Skill Shot 14, May 2010:
Cactus Canyon @ Bandits
Skill Shot 13, April 2010:
Theatre of Magic @ the Zoo Tavern

Skill Shot 12, February 2010:
Theatre of Magic at the Zoo Tavern

 Our first The One To Beat: Skill Shot 11, October 2009:
Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein @ The Lookout


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srsly need to update this with something more interesting. Ballard Full Tilt is most definitely the spot with the BEST PLAYING pinball machines in Seattle, btw…

You’re correct, especially as this particular machine is no longer at Full Tilt. RAY apparently beat CJG’s score but no one took a pic before it was taken out (and Space Age reset it). Sooo… we changed it to the current (and new) Whirlwind at the same location! I’ll update the pic ASAP.

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