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Volunteers Needed for Seattle Women’s Super Weekend

men are needed to volunteer on Saturday May 6th, during the fair strikes tournament (women can volunteer too)

(From Ashley Weaver’s Facebook post:) Seattle Women’s Super Weekend and SW2 Fair Strikes need volunteers! Anyone who works a two hour volunteer shift will receive a slice of pizza and a soda courtesy of Georgetown Pizza and Arcade!
I’m not going to post the link to my spreadsheet, but shoot me a message via South Sound Women’s Pinball if you’re interested in helping out. (Or email me at
You’ll see in the schedules below that I want men to volunteer for Saturday’s time slots! This is so women can have that time free to play in the Fair Strikes that starts at 2pm that day. Thanks in advance for supporting Seattle women’s pinball gentlemen! Women are welcome to these volunteer spots, but know that Saturday volunteer responsibilities will prevent you from playing in the Fair Strikes tourney.
Scorekeeping duties include monitoring the Best Game bank and recording the scores that participants put up, and if a TD is needed for a ruling the scorekeeper will fetch them. The Best Game bank IS OPEN during the Fair Strikes tourney.
TD duties are mostly restricted to the Best Game tourney – you will sit at the front desk and take entry fees, keep re-buy records, and make rulings if needed. Please have a cursory knowledge of PAPA/IFPA rulings if signing up for this responsibility.
The TD slot on Sunday from 2-4 is an important one – this TD will be helping Erin and I set up the finals for the Best Game tournament. If both Erin and I make the finals, I would appreciate this person sticking around until we get the first round of finals going.
Facebook link: South Sound Women’s Pinball

Seattle Women’s Super Weekend happens May 5th-7th at Georgetown Pizza and Arcade.

SpreadSheet 1
SpreadSheet 2

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