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All-Ages Pinball

a new Facebook group brings together information about youth-oriented and kid-friendly pinball events

The ever-helpful John Garnett recently created a new FB group, Seattle Area Youth Pinball Events which will attempt to connect parents and their kids to the available pinball locations and events for those under 21. The group is set to “private” in order to keep the spam at bay, but with a little browsing of the various local pinball pages it should be easy enough to gain access to it. If you’re not on Facebook you can filter our calendar to view all-ages events by choosing the All-Ages/Youth catagory from the drop down menu. Our pinball list also designates which locations are all-ages venues with an AAV! next to their name.

Note: Some AAV! locations are only all-ages until 8 or 9pm (some but not all).

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