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All-Ages Pinball

a new Facebook group brings together information about youth-oriented and kid-friendly pinball events

The ever-helpful John Garnett recently created a new FB group, Seattle Area Youth Pinball Events which will attempt to connect parents and their kids to the available pinball locations and events for those under 21. The group is set to “private” in order to keep the spam at bay, but with a little browsing of the various local pinball pages it should be easy enough to gain access to it. If you’re not on Facebook you can filter our calendar to view all-ages events by choosing the All-Ages/Youth catagory from the drop down menu. Our pinball list also designates which locations are all-ages venues with an AAV! next to their name.

Note: Some AAV! locations are only all-ages until 8 or 9pm (some but not all).

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What if you want to go to the Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show in Tacoma this weekend (June 2nd – 4th) but you don’t have a car?

It is fairly easy to take public transportation from Seattle to the Tacoma Convention Center. Sound Transit Express Bus (ST) #590/594 begins on Stewart St at DSCF7610Yale/Denny and has stops on 2nd Ave downtown, 4th Ave in the ID, and the bus corridor through SODO. These busses are much nicer than a regular DSCF7648Metro Bus, and the trip takes about an hour and will take you a short block from the Convention Center. Get off at Pacific and 15th in Tacoma and you can see the Convention Center from the bus stop.

Fare from Seattle to Tacoma: $3.25/adult (youth 18 and under ride for free on all Sound Transit services). Use an Orca card if you have one (they also accept cash).

Both routes run on Friday but only ST #594 runs on the weekend, with busses running every half hour throughout all of the days. DSCF7651

Running right in front of the Convention Center on Commerce is the Tacoma Link, which is a free light rail train. The Link runs from the Frieghthouse Square near the Tacoma Dome to the Theatre District many times daily. The Link is a convenient way to visit local food options and businesses that are more than a few blocks from the pinball show. Note: when this line extends later in 2023 it will no longer be free.

DSCF7704Commerce is also the street where you will catch the bus back to Seattle. There are many bus boarding zones on this street and not all busses stop at each one, so it’s a good idea to scope out which boarding zone the ST #594 stops at just in case you need to run for it (like we did). WARNING: The last bus leaves Tacoma at 10:20 PM.

If you miss the last bus, the only option that we know of is to take a cab or ride-share to Sea-Tac literailairport’s Light Rail Station and catch the train to Seattle. The last train leaves at 11:44 PM for Seattle/Northgate (there are trains leaving the airport until 1:43 AM but they only go to the Stadium Station).

If you need to do a ride-share here is the exact address for the airport’s light rail station:
SeaTac/Airport Station
International Blvd & S 176th St
Seattle, WA 98188

Consult Sound Transit for more details on times and bus stops. Here is a direct link to Light Rail’s schedule to Seattle:

A version of the above was originally posted on June 3, 2013. The dates and fares have been changed to this years event. – ed
(updated May 28, 2023)

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Limited Edition Printing of issue 56

The limited-edition printing of the last issue before the pandemic and a snap shot of the Seattle pinball scene pre-2020. Originally this issue was released digitally in February. Because of continuing health concerns and the limited number of copies there is a good chance you will not see these out in the wild. $1 (cash) or $1.50 via Paypal – Limit of 5 copies per person please. 

Send cash to: Skill Shot, POBox 20204, Seattle WA 98102
Skill Shot 56 digital version:,21858

For more ordering options (and merch) check out the Skill Shot Shop page:

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Support Local Pinball (without playing it)

As everyone probably knows by now because of the current pandemic restrictions in WA no pinball machines are allowed to be turned until phase 4. Below is a list of some of the changes that local businesses are doing to help them weather these difficult times. Naturally most locations with kitchens are still selling food and drinks but they also have to close by 10pm. Eat and drink at a safe distance or get something to-go. Don’t forget to tip!

We will be updating this post as more info becomes available so feel free to reach out if there is something we can add.

updated: August 15, 2020

Coindexter’s has self-made shirts, hoodies and koozies available at their location but if you can’t get there physically they have also set up way for people to order some of their merch via Redbubble:
Their kitchen is also open until 11 for take out:

All of the Full Tilt Ice Cream locations are open for walk-in pick up (beer too) but if you can’t get to one of the physical locations you can still buy a pint at one of the many stores that carry their ice cream. You can also purchase various merch via their website!

Flip Flip Ding Ding hasn’t been open since February – If you want to help them out they have a fundraiser page: They also have t-shirts and stickers (shipping) and some games for sale (pickup):
Gift cards for when they reopen are also available:

Another Castle unfortunately had to reclose all of their arcades. Help them out by purchasing some apparel and/or gift cards via their web site:

The Ice Box has turned their game room into a show room and their pinball machines are available for sale or home rental. They also have a beer garden with lots of social distancing:
Alex has been posting games for sale on the WA State Pinheads facebook page also.

Jupiter is doing hand dipped corn dogs, veggie and regular burgers, pretzels , to go cocktails and merch. They’ve also extended the patio with way more spread out seating as well as music outside and a giant fan!
Keep an eye out for Jupiter’s mail order store opening soon for t-shirts, hoodies and more:

Waterland Arcade in Des Moines is branching out into a collectables retail business to help soften the blow. Vinyl, toys, clothes, trading cards, etc. and beer! They are adding more details daily to their facebook page:

Along with food and drink purchases, Shorty’s is also selling merch via the We Are Seattle store. There are also items available from Lucky Liquor and other local businesses:
We Are Seattle store (direct link):

Raygun Lounge is now open with a new menu and outdoor seating. Although their game library is closed you can still pick something up from their retail area!

Some of the neighborhood locations that are still open for food and drinks include:
Streamline Tavern (Queen Anne)
Twilight Exit (Central District)
Hounds Tooth (Greenwood)
The Kraken (University District)
Olaf’s (Ballard)
Belltown Pizza (Belltown)
Highline (Capitol Hill)
The Roanoke (Capitol Hill)
Clockout Lounge (Beacon Hill)
Hummingbird Saloon (Columbia City)
Admiral Pub (West Seattle)
Noble Barton (White Center)



Seattle Black Owned Businesses Guide

Our team has put together a handy pocket sized guide to Seattle’s Black owned restaurants and drinking establishments. You can make more copies of this zine simply by downloading the PDF file below and printing it out (double sided if possible!) Feel free to print out a few extras to pass around – especially if you are going out – to help spread the word. Scroll to the bottom for a jpeg version that is phone friendly. #BLACKLIVESMATTER

PDF file: BOB print version

Additional information and sources:

Official Black Wall Street 

Jpeg version:

BOB page 1
Page 1

BOB page 2
Page 2



Skill Shot is anti-racist and anti-fascist. We strive to be inclusive, build community, and embrace anyone who shares the love of pinball (unless you’re a jerk). The pinball scene is largely white. It’s important to reflect on why, and how to continue to make our community more accessible. Pinball is for everyone.


Skill Shot Coloring Book!

Here’s something to do when you have time on your hands – print out the images and color them how you like! These pages are full size (8.5″ x 11″) and will probably work best with colored pencils – if you want to use crayons or some other medium you may want to use thick paper.

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test alt

test alt

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Skill Shot 56

Team Skill Shot unfortunately did not get our spring issue #56 to the printer before the virus pandemic started. Given that most of our distribution points are now-closed bars and arcades, we’ve decided to publish issue #56 online in the print layout format. Please note that we have not updated any of the ads or text since the outbreak started and you should assume any events mentioned for March and April have been canceled. On desktop browsers, click each spread to open, then click the top-right corner to zoom in. Text versions of each post coming soon.

November 2020 note: the WordPress updates may effect the slideshow feature and you may need to open each image in a new tab to see it clearly. 

Printable version of the crossword: Initial Thoughts

Online playable version of the crossword: Initial Thoughts