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Gilby Rolls [like a vehicular manslaughterer]

Gilby Rolls [like a vehicular manslaughterer]
By 3rd Place Andyguns-n-roses

Data East’s 1994 widebody Guns N’ Roses is packed with features. There are five different multiball modes. There are two plungers. There are magnets. There’s even a giant snake pit! But this article is about the video mode, “Gilby Rolls,” a fast-paced motorcycle rideDSCF7899 that takes you down an obstacle-laden three-lane highway.

How to start “Gilby Rolls”: On the left side of the playfield is a guitar neck. The frets of the neck have different guitar features (modes) on them. Start a mode by shooting the saucer (located top of the guitar neck) when the mode light is blinking. The pop bumpers toggle which mode is lit. Hint: Pulling the trigger of the gun (ball launcher) freezes the lit mode until it is collected, preventing the pops from changing it to another mode. Alternatively, one of the skill shot options is “start guitar feature” which will instantly start whichever mode is lit.

How to play “Gilby Rolls”: Gilby automatically drives at a fixed speed. Hey, where are the logobrakes?! Use the flippers to steer Gilby. You have more time to dodge a car in the right (bottom) lane than one in the left (top) lane due to the slanted perspective of the track. The goal is to hit the pedestrians while avoiding the cars. I’ve included a road map (since the course is the same every time) to help steer you through. Hit the pedestrians and the avoid the cars. The numbers at the top represent approximately how many seconds into the mode you are. The mode ends when you either reach the end of the course or crash. Points are awarded both for distance traveled and pedestrians hit. Rock and roll!Skill-Shot-30-Gilby-Video-Mode-color-slantmotorcycle

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