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Local Tournament Results 1/22/13 – 2/18/13

SWA AvengersWeekly Tuesday Flip Off @ John John’s: 1/22 – 1st Dave Stewart, 2nd Maka Honig, 3rd Nicholas Polimenakos, 4th Sergey Posrednikov. 1/29 – 1st Sergey Posrednikov, 2nd Nycole Hyatt, 3rd Elijah Nelson, 4th Nicholas Polimenakos. 2/5 – 1st Elijah Nelson, 2nd Austin Arlitt, 3rd Andrew Nunes, 4th Sergey Posrednikov. 2/12 – 1st Maka Honig, 2nd Elijah Nelson, 3rd Jason Hatch, 4th Hannah Holmberg.

John John tournamentWeekly Wednesday Flip Off @ Add-a-Ball: 1/23 – 1st Elijah Nelson, 2nd Nicholas Polimenakos, 3rd Sergey Posrednikov, 4th Brian Headley. 1/30 – 1st Dave Stewart, 2nd Maka Honig, 3rd Sergey Posrednikov, 4th Brian Headley. 2/6 – 1st Andy Burton, 2nd Jason Hatch, 3rd Dave Stewart, 4th Sergey Posrednikov. 2/13 – 1st Hannah Holmberg, 2nd Austin Arlitt, 3rd Nicholas Polimenakos, 4th Sergey Posrednikov.

More Flip Off results are availble at

Pinheads Launch Tournament @ Teddy’s (highest score on Doctor Who), Feb 1: 1st Sergey, 2nd Jeff Gagnon, 3rd Chuck Pearson.

Seattle Pinball League (Feb 9): 1. James Edes. 2. Cheeseboat. 3. Mitchell D Anderson. More results on the SPL website here.Chinese Tournament Winner

Chinese New Year Tournament @ Seattle Pinball Museum (highest score on Asteroid Annie and the Aliens), Feb 10: 1st Tony, 2nd Levi, 3rd Gwenrowe.

Dorky’s Annual Valentines Tournament @ Dorky’s  (Feb 14): 1st Place Couple – Sergey and Heather, 2nd Place Couple – Gordon and Amanda.

Avengers Pro Release Tournament @ Seattle Waterfront Arcade (Feb 15): 1. Andrew Nunes 2. David Latimer 3. Todd Mac 4. Aaron Garberding.

The 1st Annual Aquarius Shit Talking Tournament @ C3 (Feb 16): 1. Aaron Garberding. 2. Steve Ackley. 3. Dave Stewart. 4. Michelll D Anderson.

Thanks to Aaron for helping to compile these winners. Check out our events calendar for upcoming local pinball tournaments!

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