tournament results

Local Tournament Results 11/25/12

Fraser Valley Flipout (Canada) 11/25: 1 – Robert Gagno, 2 – John Kremmer, 3 – Dave Grant, 4 – Raymond Chau.

The 2nd Annual Leftover TurNey 11/24: 1 – Aaron Garberding, 2 – Noah Davis, 3 – Jeff Gagnon, 4 – Mike Culver.

Nov.11  Wednesday Night Add-a-Ball Tournament: 1 – Sergey, 2 – Nicolas, 3 – Hannah

The 15th Annual Shorty’s Tournement, hosted by Skill Shot on Nov. 11th (with some big help from Jeff Groper) was a raging success and fun was passed out by the pint glasses.  Everyone came home a huge winner, now here is a list of the real winners: 1. Sagel DOC Frazier 2. Cayle George 3. “4th Place” Andy Burton 4. Robert Gagno.  Again, thanks to Skill Shot, the fine employees of Shorty’s, and you for showing up and making it a deep fried slice of fun wrapped in PBR.  Now, can we get that speaker off the top of Centaur? (Aaron M)

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