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Local Tournament Results 12/14/12

Add-a-Ball Amusements celebrated their one year anniversary (12/2) with a round robin tournament that included both pinball machines and arcade games (!). The pinball fans were confused by the video games, and the gamers were equally confused by pinball. Michael (aka Mike) came out in first place, with Lee, Heather and Paul coming in 2nd, 3rd and 4th. We are a little confused about the actual order. Thanks Bro Bro!

The Seattle Pinball League Finals took place at the SPL Headquarters on 12/8. It was a gruelling affair for those who were there at the 9:30 AM Wild Card play offs for the 16th spot in the tournament because the final rounds didn’t finish until around 2AM! Robert Gagno, fresh from his win at the VRPA finals, beat the odds (and exhaustion) and took the top spot. Maka Honig¬†came in 2nd, Raymond¬†Davidson 3rd and Kevin Birrell 4th.

Also at the SPL Finals: Cheese Boat won the Best of the Rest Tournament (and a free SPL membership for 2013). The team of Andrew Nunes and Don Weyland won Skill Shot’s Butt-to-Butt Tournament. It was the first time we tried this style of playing and it won’t be the last! Stay tuned…

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