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Local Tournament Results 1/21/13

The Nice and Naughty Pinball Tournament (Dec 14th): 1st – Raymond Davidson; 2nd – Elijah Nelson; 3rd – Bobby Conover; 4th – Sergey Posrednikov. Full results can be found here.Merry Christmas 2012

The Full Tilt Ballard *Winter Cup* (Dec 30th): 1st – Dave Stewart; 2nd – Eden Stamm; 3rd – Kris Fast; 4th – Aaron Nelson. Full results for this one can be found here.

New Years Eve LSD Tournament at Add-a-Ball Amusement (Dec 31st): 1st – Cathy Cartoon; 2nd – Danger Dan; 3rd – Hannah. No further results for this one.

The Tuesday Flip-Off tournaments are held weekly at John John’s Game Room: (Jan 8th): 1st – Elijah Nelson; 2nd – Sergey Posrednikov; 3rd – Lee Callender. (Jan 15th): 1st – Maka Honig; 2nd – Nycole Hyatt; 3rd – Jason Trojan. Full results for all Tuesday Flip-Offs may be found here.

The weekly Wednesday Flip-Off‘s are held at Add-a-Ball Amusements: (Jan gang moo time2nd):1st – Andy Hatch; 2nd – Nycole Hyatt; 3rd – Travis Eckert. (Jan 9th): 1st – Sergey Posrednikov; 2nd – Jason Hatch; 3rd – Elijah Nelson. (Jan 16th): Sergey Posrednikov; 2nd – Sagel Frazier; 3rd – Brian Headley. Full results for all of the Wednesday Flip-Offs can be found here.        IT’S MORE FUN TO COMPETE!

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