Local Tournament Results 20/04/2012

Winners of the 2nd Annual 420 Pinball Open  at Add-A-Ball Amusements (April 20):  1. Sergey Posrednikov.  2. Steve Ackley.  3. Jason Hatch.  4. Maka Honig

For his victory, Sergey takes home a Space Mission table.  For the rest of the winners , a killer buzz. Cograts to the fine people who attended the fine 4/20 tourney.  Everyone was a winner with the fine ass tee shirt  (hand squeezed by Cathy Cartoon with help from Steve).  Every year it get better and better. [nggallery id=4].

Wednesday Pre-420 Tournament @ Add-A-Ball (April 18): 1. 4th Place Andy, 2. Sergey, 3. Travis, 4. JJJ, 5. Bro Bro, 6. Heather. Round Robin!

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