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Local Tournament Results for August 2013

Monday Pinball Tournament at Full Tilt Ballard: August 26 – 1st Raymond Davidson, 2nd Matt Cohn, 3rd Kevin Birrell, 4th Aaron Bendickson. August 19 – 1st P1020852Raymond Davidson, 2nd Kevin Birrell, 3rd Bobby Conover, 4th Bri Stewart. August 12 – 1st. Bobby Conover, 2nd Levi Dittebrant, 3rd Kayla Greet, 4th Paul Mainart. August 11 – 1st Jeremy Edwards, 2nd Steven Ackley, 3rd Aaron Bendickson, 4th Bobby Conover. August 5 – 1st Kevin Birrell, 2nd Dave Stewart, 3rd Raymond Davidson, 4th Aaron Bendickson.

John John’s Tuesday Flip Off :  August 6 – 1st Nick Zendejas, 2nd Krista Kelly, 3rdP1030392 Flash Haze, 4th Sam Atlas. August 13 – 1st Travis Echert, 2nd Amanda Kotchon, 3rd Daniel Salo, 4th Sergio Mizaro. August 27 – 1st Travis Echert, 2nd Chase Nunes, 3rd Sam Atlas, 4th Issac Ruiz.

Add-a-Ball Wednesday Flip Off: August 7 – 1st Geoff Simons, 2nd Matt Bollinger, P10301933rd Heather Loudon, 4th Zach Peterson. August 14 – 1st Hannah Holmberg, 2nd Jason Hatch, 3rd Eric Harris, 4th Tim Tournay. August 21 –  1st Dave Stewart, 2nd Travis Echert, 3rd Troy Kellog, 4th Tim Tournay. August 28 -1st Geoff Simons, 2nd Nick Zendejas, 3rd Matt Wolfe, 4th Flash Haze.P1030219

Seattle Pinball League (August 17): 1st Kevin Birrell, 2nd Cayle George, 3rd Mary Pacha, 4th Aaron McAbee.

Local top placers at this year’s PAPA (August 11)were: Cayle George (5th), Dave Stewart (6th), Raymond Davidson (9th), Robert Gagno (11th), and Kevin Birrell (17th). Massachusetts’ Bowen Kerins came in first.

For more details on all of the above tournaments go here:

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