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Local Tournament Results June 7, 2012

Ballard Pinball Tournament (June 4): 1. Danielle Acciari (Italy), 2. Nick ‘Zen’ Zendejas (USA), 3. Helena Walter (Sweden), 4. Sergey Posrednikov (Seattle!). This tournament was held at Full Tilt Ballard, Claire and Headley’s and Cafe Mox, with a special after-tournament on T2 at The 2 Bit.

IFPA Shorty’s Tournament (June 5): 1. Jorgen Holm (Sweden), 2. Keith Elwin (USA), 3. Bowen Kerins (USA),  4. Levente Tregova (Switzerland). This was a Three Strikes and You’re Out style tourney that began at 1PM and lasted right up to closing time at 2AM!

IFPA Full Tilt Tournament (June 6): 1. Bowen Kerins (USA), 2. Daniele Acciari (Italy), 3. Lyman Sheats (USA), 4. Keith Elwin (USA).

The big week in Seattle continues as players from around the world converge in Seattle to compete in the IFPA World Championship this coming weekend.

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