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Monday Night Pinball: Spring 2023 season begins February 6th

The new season of MNP begins this month with new teams, new locations and a new start time: 8:15pm

Two new teams are joining MNP this season which means there are now a whopping 30 teams in the league! The new teams are Neuromancers¬†based at Time Warp on Capitol Hill and The B Team at the remodeled/reinvented 4B’s.¬†Georgetown Pizza & Arcade is another new location joining MNP and will host an unprecedented three teams: The Wrecking Crew, Seacorns, and Knight Riders. With the Kraken closing soon their teams are relocating to The Ballard Smoke Shop (Slap Kraken Pop) and as a second 4B’s team (Ball of Cthulhu) .

For a list of participating locations, teams, the Spring schedule and how to “join” the league visit the Monday Night Pinball website:


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