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Monday Tidbits 03/07/11

The Sunday Tournament was a lot of fun and had a  lot of people participating. ELF won. It was also Timmy’s birthday.

The Seattle Pinball League is having their next meeting/tournament this Saturday at The Great Room at The Bravern (in Bellevue). Check out their website for for more details:

The latest Stern pin is The Rolling Stones and there will be two release party/tournaments this Friday! One will be at Dorky’s in Tacoma and the other will be at The Seattle Waterfront Arcade (downtown). Then on Saturday and Sunday two of the Rolling Stones pins will be located at the Seattle Pinball Museum for public play (with the cost of regular admission).

Speaking of the SPM, I’ve heard that this next tournament (2nd Thursdays) is going to be the last one. Further details are not known at this time.

4 replies on “Monday Tidbits 03/07/11”

So if ELF won, then Kevin was second, Graham was third, and I would have tied for 4th/5th with whoever Graham played.
Good fun! I’ll demand a redraw if Fathom ever comes up, though…

Really? Then Kevin got 4th and I got 5th. Kevin killed me on Fathom and destroyed me later on IJ. Since I lost to him twice, he gets the higher rank.

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