Pincast Episode 24 – Vault Edition + Bowen Kerins

Kayla and Graham discuss various topics (including their on going 100 game tournament) and then give Bowen Kerins a call.

This episode is a stitched up gift! The first half is a Vault Edition unnumbered episode Kayla and I recorded in January. We bounce from topic to topic, try our hand at a new game, and kick off a year-long 100 game head-to-head challenge! (Kayla’s currently ahead) For the second half, we get Bowen Kerins on the phone to talk about his pinball history, the New England pinball scene, PAPA and other tournaments, and his stint on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire! Bowen was wonderful, and is an essential member of the broader pinball community, so whether or not you are already familiar with him, you’re in for a treat! Bola Salvada!

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