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The Mode Road

3rd Place Andy tells us how to score big points with the new code on Stern’s Star Trek.

by 3rd Place AndyStern Star Trek 2013

Stern recently released new code for its Star Trek (2013), adding new features and scoring. It’s more fun to play, in my opinion, and the strategy is deeper. The Vengeance, Klingon, and Kobayashi Maru multiballs are worth huge points, but I’ve found a way to score big on the first set of missions.

In the center of the lower playfield, there are six hexagons arranged in a triangle. Each color-coded hex represents a mission/mode with unique scoring objectives. The missions are: Prime Directive (Blue), Space Jump (Yellow), Save the Enterprise (Green), Nero (Pink), Destroy the Drill (Teal), and ModesKlingon Battle (Red). Additionally, each mission has three tiers, so imagine there are actually three sets of hexagons stacked on top of another. You must complete tier 1 of a given mode before tier 2 is accessible, followed by tier 3.

At the beginning of each ball, you usually have the opportunity to select a mode. Use the flipper buttons to change missions. Use the fire button to begin the mode. After a mode is completed, you may shoot either the left scoop or the Away Team rollover to begin the next mode. In all tier 1 modes, complete any lit shot once to light the Away Team. Access the Away Team by shooting the ball Away Teamunderneath the upper flipper and into the plunger lane. Away Team adds more time, increases scoring, and changes the lit shots for the mode. Play all six modes once to activate wizard mode, Kobayashi Maru multiball. Or play (and complete) three tiers of one mission to activate double scoring for a corresponding shot. For example, you may activate playfielddouble scoring for the left ramp by completing Klingon Battle 3; the spinner is doubled by completing Nero 3.

The Mode Road is a sequence of missions that maximizes mode scores. It also sets you up for Super Ramps and Super Spinners. First, complete Nero 1, 2, and 3. Next, play Space Jump. Follow that with Destroy the Drill and Prime Directive. On both of those modes, be sure to activate the Away Team, then shoot the spinner until the timer runs out. The spinner scores a lot here! Add time by hitting the black hole target when lit. Play Save the Enterprise next, repeating the Away Team + spinner strategy. There is an opportunity here to collect more medals, or you may finish the Mode Road with Klingon Battle. If you want more medals, Save the Enterprise 2 and Space Jump 2 are good choices. Focus on the ramps during Klingon Battle. Well done! Kobayashi Maru awaits you.

Orginally published in Skill Shot 40, October 2015

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