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WA Phase 3 Update

Washington entered Phase 3 on March 22nd: here are a few changes that you can expect to (soon) happen…

The state of Washington entered Phase 3 on March 22nd and we expect businesses that are already open to make some changes. Phase 3 allows businesses to stay open until midnight so it can be assumed that any place that was closing at 11 will now be open an extra hour. Although capacity has gone up to 50% it can not be assumed that every business will automatically increase the number of people allowed inside though – we expect this will change as more staff and patrons are vaccinated, but for now expect delays in this regard.

Please refer to our Phase 2 post for a list of currently open businesses (these will be the locations with a hopefully accurate game list in our Pinball List section): Open for Pinball Phase 2

As more locations re-open we will continue to add them on the Phase 2 post for the time being…

The three changes for Phase 3 are: Indoor seating capacity is 50% (up from 25% in Phase 2); Tables may seat a max of 10 people (up from a max of 6 in Phase 2); Alcohol service ends at midnight (instead of 11pm in Phase 2).

Here’s a link to the official guidelines: COVID19 Restaurant and Tavern Guidance.pdf

Note: Until further notice all businesses in WA state require face-masks; please respect the employees and mask up when visiting all locations – it’s been a rough year for everyone but they should get a little extra love (and tips). 🙂

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