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Comic Book Review: DESTROY CENTAUR

Destroy Centaur is a pleasantly strange comic book: written and drawn by Michael Jasorka who obviously loves the Centaur pinball machine…

(2019, Bombshell Comics)

By Gordon Gordon (Originally published in Skill Shot 54)

It’s the year 2192: Centaur and Fly-girl are on a quest to get high scores on the remaining Centaur pinball machines still in existence. The earth is now an alien landscape of human mutants similar to those in a Mad Max movie, with some willing to kill to preserve their high scores. Mostly it is Fly-girl who plays the games until they arrive to their final destination: an arcade with a ramp where Centaur himself is able to play the game which they are based on!

Destroy Centaur is a pleasantly strange comic book: The creator Michael Jasorka obviously has a love for the Centaur machine and his drawings of both the title character and Fly-girl are pretty cool. Jasorka does a good job of drawing the desolate mutated landscape of 2192 with lots of surreal features and a panel layout that reflects the chaos of this bleak future. While the motivations and dialogue of the characters seem scattered for much of the comic, once they decide that it is time for Centaur to play Centaur it becomes more understandable. This leads to the highlight of the book, with the characters riding through a landscape that resembles the game while discussing the rules of it.

Printed on 44 heavy gloss pages, with a thick cover and a black, white, and red palette (which is the same as the pinball machine), Destroy Centaur also uses elements from the original promotional flyer of the game, including two reprinted pages from it. If you’re not a fan of Centaur (the pinball machine), your appreciation of this comic may vary, but if you are a fan of the pin you will love Destroy Centaur!

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Images ©2019 by Michael Jasorka/Bombshell Comics

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