Friday Tidbits 4/1/11

The new issue is back from the printer (finally)! Look for the first copies to be released this coming Monday at Gordon’s birthday party! There will be a Skill Shot Benefit Pinball Tournament, karaoke and lot’s of zines. We’ll be there around 8 and the tournament starts at 10PM.

Also: Don’t miss The First Sunday Tournament at Shorty’s this weekend. This will also be the first pinball brunch of the year, so bring something to share if you want to eat and mingle before hand. 1PM for brunch and 3PM for pinball:

We just got back from the Seattle Pinball Museum and they have a lot of new/different games since the last time we were there. A Cyclone and a Hurricane; No Fear; Twilight Zone; they change the pins so often here that you should just expect our Seattle Pinball List to always have some errors! Of special note is Skill Shot 18 cover model Tri Zone having a special spot all to itself in the back. Here’s a link to their hours: LINK Special!

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