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Hello World, I’m your ch-ch-ch-Cherry Bomb!

2nd Place Andy presents: A balanced strategy on Guardians of the Galaxy of modes and Multiballs.

Hello World, I’m your ch-ch-ch-Cherry Bomb!

A balanced strategy on Guardians of the Galaxy of modes and Multiballs.

by 2nd Place Andy

GotG features 8 standard (timed) modes and 2 main Multiballs. In most cases, you can start a mode and then start a Multiball, thus stacking the features of each. However, if you select your modes carefully, you can use your mode shots to make progress towards your next Multiball, achieving both objectives faster! What you really should be aiming for, however, is mode completions. When you start a mode, the mode title will blink. If you complete the required objectives before your timer runs out, the mode title will light solid for the rest of your game. Completing any four modes lights Cherry Bomb Multiball which is fun to play and worth a lot of points! Did your time run out before you completed your mode? You can always re-start it at the scoop, continuing where you left off before, but with a fresh timer.

Start your game with the mode Yaka Arrow. This mode awards progress for every entry to the pop bumpers as well as the lower left intake shot (“Yondu”), which you will have to hit at least once. You’ll get credit for 1 pop bumper shot right off the plunge! Then, focus on Groot and try to lock balls in Groot’s mouth. Each time you lock a ball, the new one launches into the pops and you get free credit! Hopefully by the time you play Groot Multiball, you will have achieved completion on Yaka Arrow.

Next on deck is the mode Antiquities Shop. This mode awards progress for every hit to the ORB shot. Bang away at that ORB until your ORB Multiball is ready and play through the Multiball. Hopefully by the time you’re done with ORB Multiball, you’ll have completed Sanctuary.

Two down, two more to go before Cherry Bomb Multiball. Plus you’ve already played Groot and ORB so you should have a competitive game going on by now.

I’ll go over the objectives of the remainder of the modes and you can decide for yourself which two you’ll have the easiest time completing! (Hint: I usually choose Pod Chase + Sibling Rivalry)

Quill’s Quest – This is a two-ball Multiball with repeated hurry-up shots. You can always shoot the scoop for an award. If you fail to complete all the hurry-ups in the allotted time, and subsequently restart the mode, it will play as a single-ball mode instead. Also note this mode disables any progress towards ORB Multiball.

Escape Klyn – This mode awards progress by completing the rollover lanes (2 at the top, 2 on the bottom left, and 1 on the bottom right). Additionally, you will need to hit Groot and finally Rocket to complete the mode. Normally the rollover lanes light a Shot Multiplier, but this feature is disabled during the mode. However, upon completion, one Shot Multiplier will be awarded. Remember that you always have access to the lanes- the orbits feed the top lanes, the right ramp feeds the lower right lane, and the left ramp feeds the lower left lanes.

Pod Chase – This mode awards progress on the ramps. Easy enough.

Sibling Rivalry – This mode awards progress for combos. Note that repeatedly shooting ramps also qualifies as progress for this mode, making it a great followup to Pod Chase.

Knowhere – This mode awards progress on the orbits. Got it?

Sanctuary – This mode awards progress on the stand-up targets. These shots are typically dangerous. However, the left orbit is always lit to spot a target. If you can dial it in, you will be able to complete both Knowhere and Sanctuary by simply repeatedly shooting the left orbit!

Okay great, so now you’ve got four modes completed! Shoot the scoop to start Cherry Bomb Multiball! Everything is lit for 60 seconds; Multiball starts and continues with unlimited ball save and autoplunger; shoot all major shots to light the Super Jackpot for big points! Don’t forget you can use your Hadron Enforcer (the button on the lockdown bar) to spot a shot that’s giving you difficulty. Enforced!

Still want more?
Play all 8 modes, making a minimum amount of progress on each (roughly halfway to completion), and both multiballs, to qualify Immolation Initiative!
Complete all 8 modes, and “complete” both multiballs (roughly speaking, earn a Super Jackpot) to qualify Save Xandar!
High Score!

Originally published in Skill Shot issue 51

One reply on “Hello World, I’m your ch-ch-ch-Cherry Bomb!”

I tend to like to do Yaka, and get my groot ready. Start know where and finish that mode with groot. Then antiquities and orb. From there quill, pod, and the rest

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