Hitched To The Side

This explains how to play pinball a new way with two player teams standing along side the machine.

by Bernard Blvd.

Originally published in Skill Shot 25, August 2012

It’s time for another great new way to play pinball: Seattle Side Saddle!

Invented by Claire and Headley, Seattle Side Saddle (SSS) requires two-player teams to stand alongside the tourney machine, with each player using the hand that is closest to their respective flipper. If you’re standing on the left side of the table, you’d use your right hand. If you’re on the right side, use your left hand. This can be a little disorienting at first, but give it a ball or two. Trust me, you’ll be hooked.

This style of playing seems more competitive and less intimate than Half and Half, because you’re facing your teammate instead of standing next to them while staring at the playfield. And you can say encouraging things over the table, like “let’s just have fun with it!” while gazing into their eyes.

Skill Shot was lucky and honored to host a Seattle Side Saddle Tournament at Alyson and 4th Place Andy’s Rock and Roll Wedding Reception at the Georgetown Ballroom on June 24th. The machine was Headley’s Future Spa (such a kind, old sport used for many Skill Shot tourneys past.) As it was also a King For A Day style tournament, we called it the “Royal Couple For A Day Seattle Side Saddle Tournament”, and A & A were the Royal Couple. Whatever they scored Side Saddle, other teams had to attempt to match above or below their score as closely as possible. After the Royal Couple played their game, however, it became sort of a Biggest Loser SSS tournament because their score was so low (they might have been a little distracted for some reason… oh yeah, they’d just got married.)

Seattle Side Saddle is one of the tournaments we’re hosting at Skill Shot’s 5 Year Anniversary Party at Shorty’s on August 5th. It’ll be for the highest score, so bring your A-game!

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