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Local Tournament Results August 2012

The First Sunday Tournament at Shorty’s on August 5th was won by Nycole Hyatt and second place was Cathy Cartoon. The Skill Shot 5 Year Anniversary at Shorty’s (on the same day) had five different tournaments: Pat Hand was won by Sergy, Seattle Side Saddle was won by Side Show Ben and Sarah, Biggest Loser was won by Madeline, King for a Day was won by JJJ, and Half and Half was won by the team of Nycole and Selfick. Later we had a X-men High Score Contest which was won by ELF. A big thanks to everyone for coming out on one of the hottest days of the summer!

On August 18, George Lally hosted the Seattle Pinball League Tournament in Marysville. First place was Robert Gagno, Second was Raymond Davidson, Third was Dave Stewart and Forth was Matt Cohn.  August 31st was the (all) Data East Tournament at the SPL Headquarters which had Cayle George (1st), Dave Stewart (2nd), Raymond Davidson (3rd) and John Kremmer (4th). Congrats to all!

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